Conflict Management & Resolution 9th June (FULL)

195.00 (non-member) 29.00 (member)

This course will show you how to resolve conflict quickly & effectively, minimising the impact to your business.

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Programme Description

Course Contents:

  • Course Objectives
  • Benefits of Conflict
  • Communication
  • Understanding Behaviour
  • Building Rapport
  • The Conflict Resolution Process
  • Resolving Conflict
  • Understand both the negative and positive impacts that conflict can have on the effectiveness of the business.
  • Differentiate between healthy and unhealthy conflict.
  • Understand that, as a leader, you are responsible for facilitating conflict resolution.
  • Discuss the importance of hearing all perspectives and reaching common ground on the problem or conflict.
  • Practice techniques and use a seven step process to effectively resolve conflict.
  • This program emphasises hands-on skills practice to give participants significant opportunity to become comfortable with conflict resolution.