Family Business Continuity Course – September 29th , 3rd & 10th October

Programme structure

The programme comprises three one-day modules delivered over the course of three consecutive weeks.

Each module focuses on a different sphere of family business governance: family, business, and ownership.

The programme has been designed for online delivery and for maximum engagement among participants and faculty.

Each day runs from 9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.


Family Business Type                                  Fee                                  Cost with Funding

—————————————–                     ———–

Family Business (Two Persons):                    €4,950                               €3712

Family Business (Three Persons):                 €7,425                               €5569

Family Business (Four Persons):                   €9,900                               €7425

Programme dates: September 29th , October 3rd & 10th

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Programme Description


Across the three days, this course provides participants with an overview of the unique context of family business and their contribution to national and international economies. It will explain the family business system and family dynamics within each of its three spheres (family, business, and ownership) and will explore the evolution of the family business life cycle.

This programme specifically addresses:

The development of a common vision to unite family members in a long-term commitment to continuity and family firm transition.

The role of effective communication forums in the creation, retention and repair of trust in family relationships.

The dynamics of ownership and its role in the changing needs of the family and the business. Understand how well-designed ownership policies can allow owners to determine their successors giving them power to influence the future of the family business.

Decision-making in the context of ownership. Learn how ownership policies inform shareholders’ engagement and behaviour(s) in relation to the business and how effective ownership governance can assist in resolving disputes and conflicts.

The pivotal role played by a Board of Directors in effectively guiding the family business. Learn how different types of boards assist in oversight and sustainability of the family firm.

Board members’ roles and responsibilities and the issues that affect current and emerging members, such as managing the board’s strategic, fiduciary and communication function.

What will you learn?

Having completed the Family Business Continuity programme, you will:

Understand the function of a family constitution, and its role in maintaining trust and cohesion within the family;

Recognise the importance of a family employment policy for current and future family members;

Develop an understanding of ownership governance policies, including share options, voting rights, transferability of shares, dividend policy and liquidity;

Understand the importance of a high-functioning family business board, including the roles and responsibilities of board members, the development of a board charter, the design of a decision-making matrix and the role of independent board members;

Develop a peer-learning network with other participants facing similar challenges in the development of appropriate governance structures for their family firm.

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