Trigger Point Massage – November 11th 2019

149.00 (non-member) 120.00 (member)

This one-day course will provide advanced massage techniques called ‘Trigger Point Therapy’ to experienced beauty and massage therapists who wish to provide a more effective treatment to clients who suffer from muscle tension

  • Location: The Peninsula Spa, Dingle Skellig Hotel
  • Date: November 11th
  • Times: 10am – 5pm


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Programme Description

Participants on this course will have a greater understanding of trigger points in the muscles and how to alleviate them, with a safe effective technique.

This technique will also help the longevity of the therapist and helps to prevent burnout

With this course the learner will be able to help alleviate the source of the clients’ pain

Topics Covered:

Theory on trigger point therapy
What are Trigger Points?
How are they treated?
What causes them?
Practical Workshop and more