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DIY AI – Dec 2nd – Dec 5th, 2024

Original price was: €720.00.Current price is: €500.00.

This course runs from Monday 2nd Dec – Thursday  5th Dec, 2024.

  • Programme Content

Day 1 Theory

  • Anatomy of bovine reproductive tract.
  • Oestrus cycle and reproductive physiology.
  • Collection and handling of frozen semen.
  • Using equipment – flasks, thawing units, guns, sheaths etc
  • Demonstration and practice of using equipment including thawing straws and loading AI guns.
  • Reproductive tracts from abattoir – anatomy and practicing AI technique.
  • Animal behaviour and handling – Health and safety.

Day 2, 3 and 4 Practical

  • Expert tuition from experienced technicians and veterinary supervisor.
  • 50 different cows available per session. We are very conscious of the welfare of the cows presented for training. We insist that no cow is used twice for training purposes.
  • Students get huge opportunity to practice AI technique under expert guidance.

Day 3 Theory

  • Planning the breeding season.
  • Herd Health, nutrition and production diseases.
  • Heat detection and synchronisation.
  • Dairy and beef genetics.
  • The importance of hygiene.
  • Monitoring performance and managing risk when starting DIY at home.
  • Certification

DAFM approved Munster Bovine certificate.